Don't Give Up!

We are a strong nation and we've enduring never-ending trials, tribulations,  and things in the spiritual realm that we can't fight, However we have God that works on our behalf (behind the curtains) a fight of hope, sincerity, the abilty to know that All Lives Matter but, our Sisters and Brothers of Color are important.  God gives us the power of a free will to ask Him to show us through guidance and instructions to love as he has loved us first and return that same love in return. 

That's why at THOC/H,  we are a family and we express our love, hope, and prayers to all who's unemployed,  families dealing with Covid-19, senseless deaths, etc. to believe that God has a bigger plan for us as long as we pray and give thanks.  Stay strong in the faith, pray daily, and believe that No Weapon form against you and me shall no prosper. 

Make sure you vote in July and November.  Make your voice be heard.  YOU MATTER!

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